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The use of masturbation as a method of relieving migraine headachesin an adolescent with an eating disorder

  title={The use of masturbation as a method of relieving migraine headachesin an adolescent with an eating disorder},
  author={Edigna Kusi Appiah and Ahmed Boachie and Sara Gasior and Kimberley Aslett},
This case report describes one case of an adolescent with an eating disorder and migraine headaches who reported masturbation as a relieving factor for her migraines. Sexual history poses as a challenging topic for adolescents overall. A therapeutic relationship and non-judgmental approach are important in gathering a thorough history to maximize care. It is imperative to ensure an appropriate sexual history is obtained and then re-evaluated when care management appears ineffective. Patients… 



The impact of sexual activity on idiopathic headaches: An observational study

The data suggest, however, that sexual activity can lead to partial or complete relief of headache in some migraine and a few cluster headache patients.

Pediatric Headache

  • A. Hershey
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Pediatric annals
  • 2005
This review focuses on some of the unique aspects of evaluating children and adolescents with headaches; the impact of these headaches on school, home, and family function; determination of disability and influence of comorbid conditions; and development of a treatment plan that incorporates acute, preventive, and biobehavioral management tools.

Pain Among Children and Adolescents: Restrictions in Daily Living and Triggering Factors

The Luebeck Pain-Screening Questionnaire was designed for an epidemiologic study of the characteristics and consequences of pain among children and adolescents and delineated the self-perceived factors for the development and maintenance of pain and the impact of these conditions on daily life.

Prevalence of headache and migraine in schoolchildren

Migraine is a common cause of headache in children and causes significantly reduced school attendance, with male preponderance in children under 12 and femalepreponderance thereafter.

Review of the prevalence and incidence of eating disorders.

Only a minority of people who meet stringent diagnostic criteria for eating disorders are seen in mental health care, and the incidence of anorexia nervosa increased over the past century, until the 1970s.

Canadian Adolescents With Migraine: Impaired Health-Related Quality of Life

Canadian adolescents with migraine report clinically and statistically significant impairment in health-related quality of life compared to their peers, independent of psychiatric comorbidities.

The Prevalence and Correlates of Eating Disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication

The neurobiology of sexual function.

The influence of endocrine, neurotransmitter, and central nervous system influences on male and female sexual function are discussed for sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm or ejaculation stages of sexual responding.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation: basic science mechanisms and clinical effectiveness.

  • K. SlukaD. Walsh
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    The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society
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TENS is a noninvasive modality that is easy to apply with relatively few contraindications, however, the clinical efficacy of TENS will remain equivocal until the publication of sufficient numbers of high quality, randomized, controlled clinical trials.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Intractable Chronic Cluster Headache: Proposals for Patient Selection

In five patients with severe intractable chronic cluster headache, hypothalamic electrical stimulation produced complete and long-term pain relief with no relevant side-effects.