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The use of iodinophilous vacuole in taxonomy of Myxosporidia

  title={The use of iodinophilous vacuole in taxonomy of Myxosporidia},
  author={S. S. Schulman and Zs. Donec and S. A. Podlipaev},
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Consideration of Taxonomic-Nomenclatural Problems Posed by Report of Myxosporidians with a Two-Host Life Cycle1

If future investigations confirm the existence of a two-host life cycle for Myxobolus cerebralis and perhaps for other related myxosporidian fish parasites, then the phylogenetic distinctiveness of Myxososporidia and Actinomyxidea has been undermined and perhaps they can no longer be treated as evolutionarily divergent assemblages.

Myxosporean Infections in Cultured Tilapias in Israel1

Five new species of myxosporean parasite are described from cultured tilapias in Israel, one of which may localize in the melano-macrophage centers of the spleen and kidney where they may eventually be destroyed.