The use of human lung slices in toxicology.

  title={The use of human lung slices in toxicology.},
  author={Robyn L. Fisher and M Susan Smith and Steven J Hasal and K S Hasal and A. Jay Gandolfi and Klaus Brendel},
  journal={Human & experimental toxicology},
  volume={13 7},
1. Successful use of agar-filled precision-cut rat lung slices in dynamic organ culture prompted the use of this technology with human lung. 2. The larger tissue mass of a human lung required that the trachea be cannulated with a balloon catheter and subsequently inflated with 4 liters of warm agar/medium mixture and then cooled before being precision-cut into 500 microns thick slices. 3. To characterize the human lung slices, viability and the effects of acrolein and nitrofurantoin were… CONTINUE READING
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