The use of biofeedback in the treatment of disorders of childhood.

  • E I Barowsky
  • Published 1990 in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences


Biofeedback has demonstrated its effectiveness in the treatment of childhood disorders over the cynicism of many clinicians. Its appropriateness to the pediatric population is not a function of the age of the subject, but of whether the disorder is amenable to treatment. To reiterate, not all disturbances are the same. Incontinence in the child with spina bifida may be different from incontinence in the aged. Hyperactivity in children, while often defined globally, has many concomitants, some of which help to determine the efficacy of biofeedback treatment. The instructions given are specific and easily understood and can be comprehended even by some of the youngest children. Biofeedback deserves to be considered as the treatment of choice, in a wide range of disorders occurring in childhood.

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