The use of a quantitative assay in endotoxin testing.

  title={The use of a quantitative assay in endotoxin testing.},
  author={P Friberger and L S{\"o}rskog and Kerstin Nilsson and M Kn{\"o}s},
  journal={Progress in clinical and biological research},
By utilizing Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) and a chromogenic peptide substrate it is now possible to determine endotoxin concentrations quantitatively down to 10 EU/L (1 pg/mL) in a two stage assay. The optimal reaction conditions found for the two stages of the method, the endotoxin reaction with LAL and the measurement of the activation with the chromogenic substrate, are briefly described. The properties of the final kit reagents have also been investigated and the results are included… CONTINUE READING