The use of a flowable ormocer for bonding brackets.

  title={The use of a flowable ormocer for bonding brackets.},
  author={Ascensi{\'o}n Vicente and Luis Alberto Bravo},
  journal={American journal of dentistry},
  volume={20 5},
PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness of the ormocer Admira Flow for bonding brackets. METHODS 45 extracted human premolars were used. They were divided into two groups: (1) Brackets cemented with the traditional resin orthodontic bonding system Transbond XT, and (2) Brackets bonded with Admira Flow. Shear bond strength was measured with a universal testing machine with a cross-head speed of 1 mm/minute. The adhesive remnant on the tooth after debonding was quantified using image analysis… CONTINUE READING