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The use of 1 , 340 nm ND : YAP laser to treat hidradenitis

  title={The use of 1 , 340 nm ND : YAP laser to treat hidradenitis},
  author={G. Oliveira and Maria Gabriela Gonçalves Coura and L{\'i}via Arroyo Tr{\'i}dico and Luana Rocco Pereira and S. P. D'{\'A}vila},
Introduction: Hidradenitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that has a negative impact on the patient’s quality of life but which has few effective therapeutic options. Currently, the use of laser technology has been standing out as a treatment. Objective: To evaluate the use of 1,340nm ND:YAP laser (Neodimiun:Ytrium Aluminum Perovskite) to treat hidradenitis. Methods: Performing 4 1,340nm ND:YAP laser sessions in 3 patients bearing hidradenitis. Results: All patients had a clinically and… Expand


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