The urgency for effective user privacy-education to counter social engineering attacks on secure computer systems

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Trusted people can fail to be trustworthy when it comes to protecting their aperture of access to secure computer systems due to inadequate education, negligence, and various social pressures. People are often the weakest link in an otherwise secure computer system and, consequently, are targeted for social engineering attacks. Social Engineering is a technique used by hackers or other attackers to gain access to information technology systems by getting the needed information (for example, a… 
A Practical Assessment of Social Engineering Vulnerabilities
The level of susceptibility to social engineering amongst staff within a cooperating organisation is investigated and it is suggested that many users lack a baseline level of security awareness that is useful to protect them online.
Trust Management for a Smart Card Based Private eID Manager
Humans are smart when facing solely technical attacks; they invented technical strategies to defend against technical attacks. However, when facing a social engineering attack, a socio-technical
Effects of Digital Convergence on Social Engineering Attack Channels
This chapter discusses the problem of social engineering and then examines new social engineering threats that arise as voice, data, and video networks converge, including converged networks that give the social engineer multiple channels of attack to influence a user and compromise a system.
Social Engineering in Information Security Breaches and the Factors That Explain Its Success: An Organizational Perspective
Social engineering refers to the art of using deception and manipulating individuals to gain access to systems or information assets and subsequently compromising these systems and information
The Need for Effective Information Security Awareness
Security awareness is an often-overlooked factor in an information security program. While organizations expand their use of advanced security technology and continuously train their security
A model for social engineering awareness program for schools
  • S. Mohammed, E. Apeh
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2016 10th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management & Applications (SKIMA)
  • 2016
A model for designing and implementing social engineering awareness programmes aimed at fostering behaviour change in schools is presented and the process of designing a social engineeringawareness program to meet all types of learning styles by using different multiple communication methods is demonstrated.
Social Engineering in Social Networking Sites: The Art of Impersonation
Using grounded theory method, a model is developed that explains what and how source characteristics influence Facebook users to judge the attacker as credible and the impact of source characteristics on users' susceptibility to social engineering victimization in SNSs, particularly Facebook.
A Social Engineering Discussion about Privacy Attacks and Defences Considering Web Browsers and Social Networks
Social engineering is the human side of hacking involving deliberate actions to violate privacy by persuading an individual to disclose private information. On the other hand, even when technical
Toward understanding social engineering
There is no doubt that social engineering plays a vital role in compromising most security defenses, and in attacks on people, organizations, companies, or even governments. It is the art of


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