The urban effects of the emerging middle class in the global south

  title={The urban effects of the emerging middle class in the global south},
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Understanding the Urban Middle-Class and Its Housing Characteristics—Case Study of Casablanca, Morocco

With the rapid urbanization occurring across African cities, the emergence of a middle class is exerting its influence on the urban form and structure. Matching their social status and drawing on



A Fragile Hold on Consumption: Consumption and the New Middle Class in Colombia

This paper explores consumption patterns, access to banking services, attitudes to government and aspirations of the growing and vulnerable middle class in the global South. Data comes from a

Service infrastructure, housing consolidation and upgrading of informal settlements: reflections from a longitudinal research done in the Free State Goldfields, South Africa

Literature and research on the upgrading of informal settlements in developing countries are synonymous with the writings of JFC Turner and the policies of the World Bank. Despite being dominated by

The state of social safety nets 2018

This third edition of The State of Social Safety Nets examines trends in coverage, spending,and program performance using the World Bank Atlas of Social Protection Indicators of Resilience and Equity

Japanese retailers in Southeast Asia: strong local partners, shopping malls, and aiming for comprehensive internationalization

Japanese retailers have a long and mixed history in Southeast Asia with a period of expansion in the 1980s and 1990s being followed by a long period of decline and stagnation. Recently, some Japanese

Notes on a Southern urban practice

Writing alongside Southern urban theorists, this essay argues that the emerging body of “theory from the South” must be simultaneously tied to the production of forms and theories of practice. It