The upgraded CMS Preshower high voltage system

  title={The upgraded CMS Preshower high voltage system},
  author={Paschalis Vichoudis and David Barney and R Berberat and Diogo Di Calafiori and Oliver Holme and Ayato Honma and Stefan Kaufmann and Eloi Magnin and Pierre Petit and Pier Paolo Trapani and S A Zelepukin},
In March 2012 the high voltage system of the silicon-sensor-based CMS Preshower detector underwent a significant upgrade. In order to increase the granularity of the bias distribution lines, the number of power supplies was doubled and fully configurable distribution boards were developed and installed. These new boards provide much improved flexibility in the powering, necessary to cope with the expected evolution of the 4288 silicon sensors with radiation damage. They also provide measurement… CONTINUE READING

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