The unstable temporal development of axi-symmetric jets of incompressible fluid

  title={The unstable temporal development of axi-symmetric jets of incompressible fluid},
  author={Earl S. Lester and Lawrence K. Forbes},
  journal={Journal of Engineering Mathematics},
  • E. Lester, L. Forbes
  • Published 18 December 2019
  • Physics, Engineering
  • Journal of Engineering Mathematics
We study the shear-driven instability, of Kelvin–Helmholtz type, that forms at the interface between a cylindrical jet of flowing fluid and its surroundings. The results of an infinitesimal-amplitude theory based on linearising the system about the undisturbed jet are given. A novel numerical model based on the Galerkin spectral method is developed and employed to simulate the non-linear development of the jet in the weakly-compressible Boussinesq regime. Representative results demonstrating… 

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