The unproven utility of the preoperative urinalysis: economic evaluation.

  title={The unproven utility of the preoperative urinalysis: economic evaluation.},
  author={Valerie A. Lawrence and Amiram Gafni and Magdalena Gross},
  journal={Journal of clinical epidemiology},
  volume={42 12},
The clinical effectiveness of the preoperative urinalysis is unproven, yet it is routinely obtained before surgery. To determine if the routine urinalysis might be economically beneficial, we evaluated its cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit. In the setting of elective clean-wound, non-prosthetic knee procedures, we estimated that: (1) nearly U.S. $7,000,000 is spent annually on preoperative urinalyses and associated costs; (2) given the best estimate of the increase in risk of wound infection… CONTINUE READING

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