The universal metric properties of nonlinear transformations

  title={The universal metric properties of nonlinear transformations},
  author={Mitchell J. Feigenbaum},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Physics},
  • M. Feigenbaum
  • Published 1 December 1979
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Statistical Physics
AbstractThe role of functional equations to describe the exact local structure of highly bifurcated attractors ofxn+1 =λf(xn) independent of a specificf is formally developed. A hierarchy of universal functionsgr(x) exists, each descriptive of the same local structure but at levels of a cluster of 2r points. The hierarchy obeysgr−1(x)=−αgr(gr(x/α), withg=limr → ∞ gr existing and obeyingg(x) = −αg(g(x/α), an equation whose solution determines bothg andα. Forr asymptoticgr ∼ g − δ−rh* where δ > 1… 
Devaney [1991] and Devaney and Durkin [1991] exhibited the chaotic burst in the dynamics of certain critically finite entire transcendental functions such as λexp z and iλ cos z. The Julia set of
Renormalization for a Class of Dynamical Systems: some Local and Global Properties
We study the period doubling renormalization operator for dynamics which present two coupled laminar regimes with two weakly expanding fixed points. We focus our analysis on the potential point of
C∞-solutions for the second type of generalized Feigenbaum’s functional equations
AbstractThis work focuses on the second type of generalized Feigenbaum’s equation $\left\{ \begin{gathered} \phi (f(x)) = f(f(\phi (x))), \hfill \\ f(0) = 1,0 \leqslant f(x) \leqslant 1,x \in
Local rigidity for periodic generalised interval exchange transformations
In this article we study local rigidity properties of generalised interval exchange maps using renormalisation methods. We study the dynamics of the renormalisation operator $\mathcal{R}$ acting on
Dynamics of the universal area-preserving map associated with period doubling: hyperbolic sets
It is known that the famous Feigenbaum?Coullet?Tresser period doubling universality has a counterpart for area-preserving maps of . A renormalization approach has been used in Eckmann et al (1982
Erratum: Fractal measures and their singularities: The characterization of strange sets
A description of normalized distributions (measures) lying upon possibly fractal sets; for example those arising in dynamical systems theory, focusing upon the scaling properties of such measures, which are characterized by two indices: \ensuremath{\alpha}, which determines the strength of their singularities; and f, which describes how densely they are distributed.
Fixed points indices and period-doubling cascades
Period-doubling cascades are among the most prominent features of many smooth one-parameter families of maps, $${F : \mathbb{R}\times\mathfrak{M} \rightarrow \mathfrak{M},}$$ where $${\mathfrak{M}}$$
On the quasisymmetrical classification of infinitely renormalizable maps: I. Maps with Feigenbaum's topology.
A semigroup (dynamical system) generated by $C^{1+\alpha}$-contracting mappings is considered. We call a such semigroup regular if the maximum $K$ of the conformal dilatations of generators, the
Scaling properties in dynamics of non-analytic complex maps near the accumulation point of the period-tripling cascade
The accumulation point of the period-tripling bifurcation cascade in complex quadratic map was discovered by Golberg, Sinai, and Khanin (Russ.Math.Surv. 38:1, 1983, 187), and independently by
A numerical study of infinitely renormalizable area-preserving maps
It has been shown in Gaidashev and Johnson [D. Gaidashev and T. Johnson, Dynamics of the universal area-preserving map associated with period doubling: stable sets, J. Mod. Dyn. 3(4) (2009), pp.


Quantitative universality for a class of nonlinear transformations
AbstractA large class of recursion relationsxn + 1 = λf(xn) exhibiting infinite bifurcation is shown to possess a rich quantitative structure essentially independent of the recursion function. The
Iteration of endomorphisms on the real axis and representation of numbers
We study a class of endomorphisms of the set of real numbers x of the form: ~ 2014~ ~/M, ~ E [0, 2]. The function f is continuous, convex with a single maximum but otherwise arbitrary; A is a real
Universal metric properties of bifurcations of endomorphisms
Endomorphisms of the real axis with one extremum have some universal metric properties which depend only on their analytic dependence near the extremum (bifurcation velocity, reduction parameter). It
Universal properties of maps on an interval
We consider itcrates of maps of an interval to itself and their stable periodic orbits. When these maps depend on a parameter, one can observe period doubling bifurcations as the parameter is varied.
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