The unification of mind: Integration of hemispheric semantic processing.

  title={The unification of mind: Integration of hemispheric semantic processing.},
  author={Adele Hutchinson and R Douglas Whitman and Chris Abeare and Jennifer Raiter},
  journal={Brain and language},
  volume={87 3},
Seventy-six participants performed a visual half-field lexical decision task at two different stimulus onset asynchronies (50 or 750 ms). Word targets were primed either by a highly associated word (e.g., CLEAN-DIRTY), a weakly associated word (e.g., CLEAN-TIDY), or an unrelated word (e.g., CLEAN-FAMILY) projected to either the same or opposite visual field (VF) as the target. In the short SOA, RVF-left hemisphere primes resulted in high associate priming regardless of target location… CONTINUE READING
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