The unidentified TeV source ( TeV J 2032 + 4130 ) and surrounding field : Final HEGRA IACT-System results

  title={The unidentified TeV source ( TeV J 2032 + 4130 ) and surrounding field : Final HEGRA IACT-System results},
  author={Felix A. Aharonian and A. G. Akhperjanian and Matthias Beilicke and Konrad Bernl{\"o}hr and H. G. B{\"o}rst and H. Bojahr and O. Bolz and T. Coarasa and Jos{\'e} Luis Contreras and Juan Cortina and S. Denninghoff and Victoria Fonseca and Melaku Girma and N. G{\"o}tting and G{\"o}tz Heinzelmann and German Hermann and Andreas Heusler and Werner Hofmann and Dieter Horns and Ira Jung and R. Kankanyan and M. Kestel and Antje Kohnle and Alexander K. Konopelko and Daniel Kranich and H. Lampeitl and M. Ordu{\~n}a L{\'o}pez and Eckart Lorenz and Francesca Lucarelli and Oscar Mang and Daniel Mazin and H. Meyer and Razmik Mirzoyan and Abelardo Moralejo and EMMA DE ONA-WILHELMI and M. Panter and A. Plyasheshnikov and Gerd. Puehlhofer and Raquel de los Reyes and Wolfgang Rhode and Joachim Ripken and Gavin P. Rowell and Vatche Sahakian and M. Samorski and Meinhard Schilling and Melanie Siems and D. Sobzynska and Walter Stamm and Martin Tluczykont and Vito Vitale and Heinrich J. V{\"o}lk and C. A. Wiedner and Wolfgang Wittek},
The unidentified TeV source in Cygnus is now confirmed by follow-up observations from 2002 with the HEGRA stereoscopic system of Cherenkov Telescopes. Using all data (1999 to 2002) we confirm this new source as steady in flux over the four years of data taking, extended with radius 6.2′ (±1.2′stat ±0.9 ′ sys) and exhibiting a hard spectrum with photon index −1.9. It is located in the direction of the dense OB stellar association, Cygnus OB2. Its integral flux above energies E > 1 TeV amounts to… CONTINUE READING
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