The underwater sound field from vibratory pile driving.

  title={The underwater sound field from vibratory pile driving.},
  author={Peter H. Dahl and David R Dall'Osto and Dara M. Farrell},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={137 6},
Underwater noise from vibratory pile driving was observed using a vertical line array placed at range 16 m from the pile source (water depth 7.5 m), and using single hydrophones at range 417 m on one transect, and range 207 and 436 m on another transect running approximately parallel to a sloping shoreline. The dominant spectral features of the underwater noise are related to the frequency of the vibratory pile driving hammer (typically 15-35 Hz), producing spectral lines at intervals of this… CONTINUE READING

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