The unconditional basic sequence problem

  title={The unconditional basic sequence problem},
  author={W. T. Gowers and B. Maurey},
  journal={Journal of the American Mathematical Society},
We construct a Banach space that does not contain any infinite un- conditional basic sequence and investigate further properties of this space. For example, it has no subspace that can be written as a topological direct sum of two infinite-dimensional spaces. This property implies that every operator on the space is a strictly singular perturbation of a multiple of the identity. In par- ticular, it is either strictly singular or Fredholm with index zero. This implies that the space is not… Expand
We construct a family (Xγ) of reflexive Banach spaces with long (countable as well as uncountable) transfinite bases but with no unconditional basic sequences. The method we introduce to achieve thisExpand
Extremely non-complex C(K) spaces
Abstract We show that there exist infinite-dimensional extremely non-complex Banach spaces, i.e. spaces X such that the norm equality ‖ Id + T 2 ‖ = 1 + ‖ T 2 ‖ holds for every bounded linearExpand
Reflexivity and the separable quotient problem for a class of Banach spaces
AbstractLet E be a Banach lattice and let X be its closed subspace such that:X is complemented in E, or the norm of E is order continuous. Then Xis reflexive iff X ∗ contains no isomorphic copy of ` 1Expand
Stability in Banach Spaces
Many questions in Banach space theory are of the type: Let X be an infinite dimensional Banach space. Let (P) be a property. Does X contain a closed infinite dimensional subspace Y with (P)?Expand
A separable space with no Schauder decomposition
We combine some known results to remark that there exists a separable Banach space which fails to have a Schauder decomposition. It can be chosen as a subspace of Gowers-Maurey space without anyExpand
Banach spaces of continuous functions with few operators
Abstract.We present two constructions of infinite, separable, compact Hausdorff spaces K for which the Banach space C(K) of all continuous real-valued functions with the supremum norm has remarkableExpand
Embeddability of locally finite metric spaces into Banach spaces is finitely determined
The main purpose of the paper is to prove the following results: • Let A be a locally finite metric space whose finite subsets admit uniformly bilipschitz embeddings into a Banach space X. Then AExpand
On strictly singular operators between separable Banach spaces
Let X and Y be separable Banach spaces and denote by 𝒮𝒮( X , Y ) the subset of ℒ( X , Y ) consisting of all strictly singular operators. We study various ordinal ranks on the set 𝒮𝒮( X , Y ). OurExpand
Lipschitz Geometry of Banach and Metric Spaces
We will investigate Lipschitz and Hölder continuous maps between a Banach space X and its dual space X∗, the space of continuous linear functionals. The existence of these maps is related to theExpand
Existence Theorems in Linear Chaos
Chaotic linear dynamics deals primarily with various topological ergodic properties of semigroups of continuous linear operators acting on a topological vector space. In this survey paper, we treatExpand


Some aspects of the theory of Banach spaces
is defined. A normed space has a natural metric defined on it, viz., d(x, y) = 1) x y 1). If the metric space obtained in this way is complete, i.e., if every Cauchy sequence converges, the normedExpand
Contributions to the theory of the classical Banach spaces
The paper contains several results on the linear topological structure of the spaces C(K), K compact metric, and Lp(0, 1), 1 ⩽ p < ∞. The topics which are studied include: complemented subspaces,Expand
On Tsirelson’s space
A structure theory is developed for Tsirelson’s example of a Banach space which contains no isomorphic copy oflp orc0. In particular, it is shown that this space is the first example, other thanExpand
Classical Banach spaces
Springer-Verlag is reissuing a selected few of these highly successful books in a new, inexpensive sofcover edition to make them easily accessible to younger generations of students and researchers. Expand
An arbitrarily distortable Banach space
In this work we construct a “Tsirelson like Banach space” which is arbitrarily distortable.
The distortion problem
A solution to the Banach hyperplane problem
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A complementably minimal Banach space not containing c 0 or ℓ p , [T] B.S. Tsirelson, Not every Banach space contains ℓ p or c 0
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