The ultrastructure of the nexus. A correlated thin-section and freeze-cleave study.

  title={The ultrastructure of the nexus. A correlated thin-section and freeze-cleave study.},
  author={N. S. Mcnutt and Ronald S. Weinstein},
  journal={Journal of Cell Biology},
A correlation is made between the appearances of the nexus ("gap junction") as revealed by thin-section and by freeze-cleave electron microscopy techniques. These methods reveal different aspects of a complex subunit assembly forming the nexus membranes. In thin sections, the nexus is formed by the very close apposition of two "unit" membranes. The electron-opaque tracer, colloidal lanthanum hydroxide, outlines an aspect of electron-lucent subunits that project into the central region of the… 

The septum of the lateral axon of the earthworm: A thin section and freeze-fracture study

Septa occur between the axonal segments in the lateral giant septate axon of the nerve cord of the earthworm to be permeable to fluorescein and to exhibit a negligible time delay for impulse transmission.

Nexus of frog ventricle

Comparsion of the thin-sectioned and freeze-cleaved nexuses demonstrates an excellent correspondence between the spacing of membrane appositions along the junction and the diameters of the freeze- cleaved circles of particles and pits or grooves.

The hemidesmosome: New fine structural features revealed by freeze-fracture techniques

Hemidesmosomal fine structure as revealed by these studies is compared to features of desmosomes as detailed in the following report.


A correlated thin-sectioning and freeze-fracturing study has been made of guinea pig and rat spermatozoa and observations form a basis for further studies on the functional correlates of these regional specializations of the sperm membrane.

Intramembraneous Particles and Transmembraneous Ionic Channels in the Epidermal Cell Membrane

  • G. Mahrle
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Archives of Dermatological Research
  • 2004
The nexus may play a role in the control of epidermal proliferation inNormal skin was investigated with the Alcian blue-lanthanum technique and revealed a specific distribution of lanthanum in their membranes.

Intercellular Communication in Arthropods

It is apparent that the role of gap junctions in the nervous system can be more complex and that they may also modify or regulate the behavior of discrete populations of neurons.

Gap junctions revealed by freeze‐fracture electron microscopy

Molecular techniques of gap junction gene transfection promise to add a truly unique dimension to investigations of the broad spectrum of functional roles of gap junctions.

Freeze-fracture studies of nexuses between smooth muscle cells. Close relationship to sarcoplasmic reticulum

Many nexuses in the guinea pig sphincter pupillae, chicken gizzard, and toad stomach show a close relationship with sarcoplasmic reticulum, and the possibility that this may have some role in current flow across this specialized junction is discussed.




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