The ultrastructure of a feminizing granulosa-theca tumor.

  title={The ultrastructure of a feminizing granulosa-theca tumor.},
  author={Jerry Waisman and J H Lischke and Lawrence M. Mwasi and William J. Dignam},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={123 2},
A 13-year-old girl with evidence of hyperestrinism had a right ovarian tumor removed. This neoplasm was composed predominantly of granulosa cells and exhibited some changes of luteinization. The neoplastic cells displayed an investment of basement membrane material which was closely related to fibrillar collagen within the tumor. Scattered throughout the neoplasms were small numbers of cells with charcteristics of the theca and a few cells had cytoplasmic features suggestive of smooth muscle… CONTINUE READING