The type locality of Pan troglodytes vellerosus (Gray, 1862), and implications for the nomenclature of West African chimpanzees

  title={The type locality of Pan troglodytes vellerosus (Gray, 1862), and implications for the nomenclature of West African chimpanzees},
  author={J. F. Oates and C. Groves and P. D. Jenkins},
  • J. F. Oates, C. Groves, P. D. Jenkins
  • Published 2008
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Primates
  • We show that, in 1862, Richard Burton collected the type specimen of Pan troglodytes vellerosus not on Mount Cameroon, as has been generally assumed, but in Gabon. Therefore, P. t. vellerosus is not the correct name for the chimpanzee population of western Cameroon and southern Nigeria, if that population is taxonomically distinct. As First Reviser, we choose the name Pan troglodytes ellioti for this population of chimpanzees, based on Anthropopithecusellioti named by Matschie [Matschie P (1914… CONTINUE READING
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