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The two-loop helicity amplitudes for $gg \to V_1 V_2 \to 4~\mathrm{leptons}$

  title={The two-loop helicity amplitudes for \$gg \to V_1 V_2 \to 4~\mathrm\{leptons\}\$},
  author={A. V. Manteuffel and L. Tancredi},
  • A. V. Manteuffel, L. Tancredi
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • We compute the two-loop massless QCD corrections to the helicity amplitudes for the production of two electroweak gauge bosons in the gluon fusion channel, gg → V1V2, keeping the virtuality of the vector bosons V1 and V2 arbitrary and taking their decays into leptons into account. The amplitudes are expressed in terms of master integrals, whose representation has been optimised for fast and reliable numerical evaluation. We provide analytical results and a public C++ code for their numerical… CONTINUE READING
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