The two faces of Alba: the evolutionary connection between proteins participating in chromatin structure and RNA metabolism

  title={The two faces of Alba: the evolutionary connection between proteins participating in chromatin structure and RNA metabolism},
  author={L. Aravind and L. Iyer and V. Anantharaman},
  journal={Genome Biology},
  pages={R64 - R64}
  • L. Aravind, L. Iyer, V. Anantharaman
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Genome Biology
  • BackgroundThere is considerable heterogeneity in the phyletic patterns of major chromosomal DNA-binding proteins in archaea. Alba is a well-characterized chromosomal protein from the crenarchaeal genus Sulfolobus. While Alba has been detected in most archaea and some eukaryotic taxa, its exact functions in these taxa are not clear. Here we use comparative genomics and sequence profile analysis to predict potential alternative functions of the Alba proteins.ResultsUsing sequence-profile searches… CONTINUE READING
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