The twinkle aftereffect is pre-cortical and is independent of filling-in.

  title={The twinkle aftereffect is pre-cortical and is independent of filling-in.},
  author={M. D. Crossland and Peter J. Bex},
  journal={Journal of vision},
  volume={8 11},
A real or artificial scotoma within a dynamic noise field fills in within a few seconds. When the dynamic noise is replaced with a homogenous field, a twinkling after effect (TwAE) is induced exclusively in the location of the former scotoma. We are employing the appearance of the TwAE to perform rapid perimetry in patients with retinal scotomas. To analyze the loci within the visual system and the mechanisms of filling-in and the TwAE, we examined their orientation tuning, inter-ocular… CONTINUE READING

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