The twelve tribes of Israel: Rasta and the middle class

  title={The twelve tribes of Israel: Rasta and the middle class},
  author={Frank Jan Dijk},

The return to Ethiopia of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Twenty-eight years ago, F.J. van Dijk published in the New West Indian Guide what remained for a long time the only scholarly paper on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Undoubtedly the largest Rastafari

Ambiguities of Belonging

Ital Chic: Rastafari, Resistance, and the Politics of Consumption in Jamaica

This paper explores the existence of 'ital chic' in Jamaica. A cross between ethical consumerism and the marketing of cool, ital chic represents an aesthetic repertoire and a commercial strategy

Negotiating Gender and Spirituality in Literary Representations of Rastafari

While the male focus of early literary representations of Rastafari tends to emphasize the movement’s emergence, goals or specific religious practices, more recent depictions of Rasta women in

"To Set-Up Jah Kingdom": Joshua Mkhululi, Rastafarian Repatriation, and the Black Radical Network in Tanzania

Through the life of Joshua Mkhululi, a Jamaican Rastafarian who repatriated to Tanzania in 1976, this article examines Rastafarian repatriation to Africa within the context of black internationalism.

« Art de dire » Rastafari : créativité musicale et dagga dans les townships sud-africains

Le mouvement rastafari, et son expansion a l’echelle mondiale, est un temoignage du succes d’un « art de dire » par l’expression musicale. Technique du corps et des sens, la creation de la musique

Continuity, communion and the dread : the Maori Rastafari of Ruatoria, Aotearoa-New Zeland

This thesis is based upon ethnographic field research conducted in and around the predominantly Māori-populated town of Ruatoria; a small rural settlement situated in the sparsely inhabited heartland

An Interview in Zion: The Life-History of a Jamaican Rastafarian in Shashemene, Ethiopia

Recorded while on fieldwork with Rastafarians living in Shashemene, Ethiopia, this life-history is a unique testimony. In the peculiar rhythm of Jamaican patois, it tells of the growing up of a youth

Rasta Evolution

This article is concerned with the evolution of the Rastafarian movement through the specific example of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. It provides a serious treatment of Rasta theology by delving into

Creolization and Its Discontents

AbstractIn the past two decades, analogies drawn from supposedly Caribbean processes of creolization have begun to command increasing interest in anthropology. Examining historical as well as