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The tune compositions of Paddy Fahey

  title={The tune compositions of Paddy Fahey},
  author={Marianne Holohan},
peer-reviewed%%%%Paddy Fahey comes from Kilconnell in East Galway. He was born in this West of Ireland parish in 1926 and has lived there ever since. He is a farmer, a traditional fiddleplayer and a composer of tunes in traditional style. While this thesis asks and explores questions that are relevant to the Irish tradition as a whole, its main subject is the music and music-making of Paddy Fahey, and more specifically, his original tune compositions. Paddy Fahey is essentially a performer of… 

Stories, Songs, Steps, And Tunes: A Linked Data Ontology For Irish Traditional Music And Dance

Stories and narrative play a large part in orally-based transmission of Irish traditional music and dance, infusing relationships between people– and between people, dance, and music information



A Fresh Look at the Concept of Tune Family

The metaphor is not particularly new. In the mid-nineteenth century, scholars like George Petrie and William Forde were grouping together Irish tunes which they considered to be related "as of the

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