The truth about the energy-momentum tensor and pseudotensor

  title={The truth about the energy-momentum tensor and pseudotensor},
  author={Radi I. Khrapko},
  journal={Gravitation and Cosmology},
  • R. Khrapko
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • Gravitation and Cosmology
The operational and canonical definitions of an energy-momentum tensor (EMT) are considered as well as the tensor and nontensor conservation laws. It is shown that the canonical EMT contradicts the experiments and the operational definition, the Belinfante-Rosenfeld procedure worsens the situation, and the nontensor “conservation laws” are meaningless. A definition of the 4-momentum of a system demands a translator since integration of vectors is meaningless. The mass of a fluid sphere is… Expand
The integral theorem of generalized virial in the relativistic uniform model
In the relativistic uniform model for continuous medium, the integral theorem of generalized virial is derived, in which generalized momenta are used as particles’ momenta. This allows us to findExpand
Goodbye, the Pseudotensor!
It is shown that the Einstein-Eddington-Tolman's concept of gravitation energy is wrong as a whole because their pseudotensor contributes a POSITIVE term to the total energy of an isolated system,Expand
The total energy, binding energy, energy of fields, pressure energy and the potential energy of the system consisting of particles and four fields is precisely calculated in the relativistic uniformExpand
The relativistic uniform model: the metric of the covariant theory of gravitation inside a body
It is shown that the sum of stress-energy tensors of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields, the acceleration field and the pressure field inside a stationary uniform spherical body within theExpand
The Pseudo-Tensor Gives Positive, Mistaken Value for Gravitational Energy
The well known calculation of the total mass-energy for the gravitation field of a liquid sphere plus the matter of this sphere, which uses the pseudo-tensor of gravitational energy and momentum, isExpand
The Gravitational Field in the Relativistic Uniform Model within the Framework of the Covariant Theory of Gravitation
For the relativistic uniform system with an invariant mass density the exact expressions are determined for the potentials and strengths of the gravitational field, the energy of particles andExpand


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Introduction to the theory of quantized fields
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On the spin angular momentum of mesons
Zusammenfassung Eine allgemeine Definition fu¨r den Spindrehimpuls und die Spin-momentdichte willku¨rlicher Felder wird gegeben. Angewandt auf den Fall des Meson-Feldes ergibt sich fu¨r dasExpand
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Spin flux gives rise to antisymmetric stress tensor
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Spin ux gives rise to antisymmetric stress tensor
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Philosophic Problems of Modern Physics (AN SSSR, Moscow, 1959)
  • GRAVITATION AND COSMOLOGY Vol. 20 No. 4 2014 Русский оригинал статьи представлен по адресу Addition Publishing of this paper is a miracle as well as publishing of What is mass? Physics – Uspekhi, 43 1267 (2000)
  • 2008