The trophic importance of algal turfs for coral reef fishes: the crustacean link

  title={The trophic importance of algal turfs for coral reef fishes: the crustacean link},
  author={Michael J. Kramer and Orpha Bellwood and David R Bellwood},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
On coral reefs, the epilithic algal matrix (EAM) is widely recognised as an important resource for herbivorous and detritivorous fishes. In comparison, little is known of the interaction between benthic carnivores and the EAM, despite the abundance of Crustacea within the EAM. The trophic importance of the EAM to fishes was investigated in Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island, Great Barrier Reef. Fish densities were quantified using visual and clove oil censuses, and gut content analyses conducted on… CONTINUE READING
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