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The trend of economics

  title={The trend of economics},
  author={Rexford Guy Tugwell and Morris Albert Copeland}
Sraffa Versus Keynes on the Method of Economics: Measurement, Homogeneity and Independence
ISSN: 2532-4969 doi: 10.26331/1058 The paper investigates the methodology Sraffa and Keynes apply in their critique of economic theories and the development of their own theory. The main focus is on
Institutional Economics and the Progressive Movement for the Social Control of American Business
  • W. Novak
  • Economics, History
    Business History Review
  • 2019
This article investigates the history of the Progressive Era effort to develop new techniques and technologies of control over American business and corporations in the late nineteenth and early
John R. Commons and His Students
  • J. D. Chasse
  • Economics
    The Institutionalist Tradition in Labour Economics
  • 2018
American Fair Trade: Proprietary Capitalism, Corporatism, and the 'New Competition,' 1890–1940
This manuscript is under review at Cambridge University Press. For more information, please contact me. This manuscript argues that American capitalism has taken a variety of forms and cannot simply
The Decline of the ‘ Original Institutional Economics ’ in the Post-World War II Period and the Perspectives of Today
Original, or ‘old’, institutional economics (OIE) – also known as ‘institutionalism’ – played a key role in its early stages; it could be said that it was once the ‘mainstream economics’ of the time.
Gold, the Brains Trust, and Roosevelt
The abandonment of the gold standard in April 1933 is generally considered to be the turning point in the Great Depression. After the devaluation of the dollar, the country experienced large capital