The treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Turkey.

  title={The treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Turkey.},
  author={Kemal Tahaoğlu and T{\"u}lay T{\"o}r{\"u}n and T{\"u}lin Sevim and G{\"u}liz Ataç and Altan Kir and Levent Karasulu and Ibrahim Ozmen and N Kapakli},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={345 3},
BACKGROUND We evaluated the results of treatment in 158 consecutive patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis who were treated at our center in Istanbul. METHODS A total of 21 female patients and 137 male patients (age range, 15 to 68 years) received treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis between March 1992 and October 1999. The patients had previously received a mean of 5.7 antituberculosis drugs and were infected with organisms that were resistant to a mean of 4.4 drugs. All… CONTINUE READING
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