[The treatment of fractures of the mandibular condylar processes].


The authors suggest a splint with a supragingival supporting plate, that improves the reliability of orthodontic treatment and widens the range of indications for such treatment. They recommend osteosynthesis involving the use of a brefostem prepared from tubular bones of a 18-35 week fetus; the brefostem well fixes the fragments, stimulates the reparative processes at the site of the fracture, should not be removed after treatment, since it is eventually replaced by bone tissue not differing from the maxillary bone tissue.

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@article{Pogosian1991TheTO, title={[The treatment of fractures of the mandibular condylar processes].}, author={Iu M Pogosian and Kh A Badalian and E N Sysoeva}, journal={Stomatologii︠a︡}, year={1991}, volume={4}, pages={44-7} }