The translation and development of a short form of the Korean language version of the multidimensional work ethic profile

  title={The translation and development of a short form of the Korean language version of the multidimensional work ethic profile},
  author={Doo Hun Lim and David Jonathan Woehr and Yeong- Mahn You and C. Allen Gorman},
  journal={Human Resource Development International},
  pages={319 - 331}
Abstract The present research seeks to further facilitate a cross-cultural study on the work ethic construct by developing a short version of the Korean language version of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile (MWEP). Our research purpose is to provide researchers and practitioners with a short version of the Korean MWEP that can better meet their research needs by providing a thorough assessment of work ethic in a shorter time than the original full version. Results indicate that a… 
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