The transition towards a sustainable energy system in Europe: What role can North Africa's solar resources play?

  title={The transition towards a sustainable energy system in Europe: What role can North Africa's solar resources play?},
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Transition pathways for North Africa to meet its (intended) nationally determined contributions ((I)NDCs) under the Paris Agreement: a model-based assessment
ABSTRACT This study applies a scenario-based analysis to assess the sustainability of energy transitions of the North African economies under the Paris Agreement, by evaluating the specific pace of
To Prevent or Promote Grid Expansion? Analyzing the Future Role of Power Transmission in the European Energy System
The results indicate the importance of promoting investments in infrastructure projects that support pan-European power transmission and suggest a wide range of possibilities exists to put this strategy into practice.
Managing Technology Transfer Challenges in the Renewable Energy Sector within the European Union
The use of fossil fuels to generate energy is often associated with serious negative effects on the environment. The greenhouse gas emissions resulting from burning these fuels destroy the ozone
The Role of Renewable Energy Sources in Dynamics of Energy-Related GHG Emissions in the Baltic States
The deployment of renewable energy sources (RES) is an essential strategic objective of sustainable energy development in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Their growing contribution to the total
Performance evaluation and degradation analysis of different photovoltaic technologies under arid conditions
  • S. Chawla, V. Tikkiwal
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
    International Journal of Energy Research
  • 2020
The world has witnessed a substantial upsurge in energy demand in the recent decades, which has concurrently led to increased environmental contamination due to the use of carbon‐based fuels to meet
Economic viability of solar energy export from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe and South Asia
  • M. Zubair, A. Awan
  • Environmental Science
    Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • 2021
The Middle East and North Africa can exploit solar energy resources and export them to Europe and South Asia for a sustainable future of the world. A high voltage direct current (HVDC) multi-terminal
The limits of renewable energy
Planet Earth is simultaneously approaching a number of ecological and resource limits. The resulting uncertainties will heavily impact future energy choices, both the level of primary energy used
The Role of Agriculture and Rural Areas in the Development of Autonomous Energy Regions in Poland
In many countries, energy security is treated as a priority for the coming decades, and at the same time energy production from the vast majority conventional energy sources does not meet


Going Green: Transmission Grids as Enablers of the Transition to a Low-Carbon European Economy
The transition to a low-carbon economy will create major challenges for the European energy sector in the 21st century. In this sector, electricity is a very important vector for allowing a lower
New Energy Corridors in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: The Pivotal Role of Sicily
The present paper deals with the new opportunities deriving from the interconnections of the European and North African transmission systems. In order to achieve a single international market for
Co-development of the Mediterranean transmission grids
SUMMARY This paper gives first a brief history of the development studies of the Mediterranean transmission grid, and a brief summary of the conclusions of the most recent project studies in the
Characterisation of Solar Electricity Import Corridors from MENA to Europe
The huge solar resources in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries, significant improvements in solar electricity generation and power transmission technologies, and the growing need for