The transient-state, multiple-species biofilm model for biofiltration processes.

  title={The transient-state, multiple-species biofilm model for biofiltration processes.},
  author={Bruce E. Rittmann and Douglas Stilwell and Akiyoshi Ohashi},
  journal={Water research},
  volume={36 9},
We describe the transient-state, multiple-species biofilm model (TSMSBM), which is a novel synthesis of key modeling features needed to describe multiple-species biofilms that experience time-varying conditions, particularly including periodic detachment by backwashing. The TSMSBM includes six features that are essential for describing multiple-species biofilms that undergo changes over time: (1) four biomass types: heterotrophs, ammonia oxidizers, nitrite oxidizers, and inert biomass; (2… CONTINUE READING

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