The transgender world in contemporary Japan: the male to female cross‐dressers’ community in Shinjuku

  title={The transgender world in contemporary Japan: the male to female cross‐dressers’ community in Shinjuku},
  author={J. Mitsuhashi and Kazumi Hasegawa},
  journal={Inter-Asia Cultural Studies},
  pages={202 - 227}
Abstract This paper not only gives an overview of the transgender word in contemporary Japan but also attempts to illustrate the male to female cross‐dressing (MTFCD) community in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which plays an important role in the overall transgender world and how people in the community think and live, by conducting comprehensive fieldwork. The MTFCD community consists of amateur cross‐dressers and their patrons, and it is formed around about ten bars/clubs in Shinjuku. This community… Expand
Minority Stress and Mental Health among Transgender Persons


The Declaration of Transgenderism: Right to Self-Determination and Acknowledgement of Diverse Sex/Gender , Tokyo: Shakaihihyô-sha
  • Series 2: Women and Psychology: Issues of Sexuality
  • 1998
Mama(s)' are not simply the proprietresses of bars and clubs. They also play a role as guardians or mentors for the cross-dressers who come to their bars and clubs
    Omizu' means entertainment business, and 'fashion health' is a code term for oral sex. Such terms are general sex-industry terms, not just directed at TGs and gays but at straight men, too
      The Japanese Diet approved the bill for the 'Law Concerning Special Cases in Handling Gender for People with Gender Identity Disorder
        This transliteration follows the pronunciation of the Japanese word. The bar moved to Kuyakusho Street in the Kabuki-cho district in
          ‘ Transgenderism and performance : the case of post - war Japan ’ Journal of Contemporary Folkways : Performance : It ’ s