The transformer [historical overview]

  title={The transformer [historical overview]},
  author={John W. Coltman},
  journal={IEEE Industry Applications Magazine},
  • J. Coltman
  • Published 7 August 2002
  • Physics
  • IEEE Industry Applications Magazine
Just a century ago, the transformer made the distribution of electric power a practical endeavor. Many elements of modern life depend on it, yet it remains one of technology's unsung heroes. This article presents an historical overview of the development and application of the transformer. 

A contribution to the theory of multiple winding transformers

A new equivalent circuit model for multiple winding transformers is proposed in which the respective winding leakage inductances themselves are treated as coupled inductors with effective coupling

Voltage Weak DC Distribution Grids

Abstract This paper describes the behavior of voltage weak DC distribution systems. These systems have relatively small system capacitance. The size of system capacitance, which stores energy, has a

Toward the Universal DC Distribution System

Abstract Due to an increasing number of power generation units and load devices operating with direct current (DC) at distribution level, there is a potential benefit of leading efforts toward

Bayesian estimation of electrical transformer parameters

A model based approach to estimate transformer parameters from a reduced set of measurements, including the estimation of the DC resistance of the transformer from AC measurements only, based on the Bayesian framework.

Symmetrical Component Decomposition of DC Distribution Systems

The presented method simplifies the analysis of balanced, unbalanced, and fault conditions of bipolar dc distribution systems and equivalent circuits for several network components in the symmetrical domain are derived and are shown to be independent under symmetrical conditions.

Symmetrical Component Decomposition of DC Distribution Systems

Employing bipolar dc distribution systems introduces the possibility of imbalance in the system. To analyze these systems it is important to create novel modelling techniques. Therefore, this paper

Design of an Intrinsically Safe Series-Series Compensation WPT System for Automotive LiDAR

A simple design procedure for a series-series compensation circuit, which uses capacitors in series with both primary and secondary coils of an air-gapped transformer, is consolidated, exemplifying its use in the prototype of a WPT system for automotive light detection and ranging (LiDAR) equipment.

First principles design of coreless power transformers

This thesis presents a theoretical foundation and methodology for designing novel 4-coil high frequency coreless power transformers from first principles via lumped equivalent circuit models. The

A Review on Power Electronics Technologies for Electric Mobility

A review on power electronics technologies for electric mobility where some of the main technologies and power electronics topologies are presented and explained and covers road vehicles, lightweight vehicles and railway vehicles, among other electric vehicles.

Análisis térmico de los elementos de sujeción del núcleo de un reactor trifásico

In this thesis work the temperature distribution in the frame bolts of a 5 MVA, 115 kV, 60 Hz, three-phase five-limbs shunt reactor is obtained utilizing the finite element method (FEM) and the



A Life of George Westinghouse

THE American Society of Mechanical Engineers has undertaken to issue volumes devoted to the lives of some of its great men; and the supervision of the work has been entrusted to a committee of the

History of soft magnet materials

  • The Metallurgical Society Conferences, vol. 27, C.S. Smith, ed. New York: Gordon and Breach, 1965. IAS 15 IE E E IN D U S T R Y A P P L IC A T IO N S M A G A Z IN E • J A N | F E B 2 0 0 2 • W W W IE E E .O R G / IA S
  • 1965