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The transfer factor and its subdivisions in patients with pulmonary emboli.

  title={The transfer factor and its subdivisions in patients with pulmonary emboli.},
  author={A. G. Fennerty and Kulasiri A. Gunawardena and Andrew P. Smith},
  journal={The European respiratory journal},
  volume={1 2},
  • A. G. Fennerty, Kulasiri A. Gunawardena, Andrew P. Smith
  • Published in
    The European respiratory…
  • Medicine
  • The carbon monoxide transfer factor and its subdivisions, the pulmonary membrane diffusing capacity and the pulmonary capillary volume were measured in fourteen subjects following submassive pulmonary emboli, as demonstrated by a ventilation-perfusion scan, and in fourteen matched controls. Transfer factor and alveolar volume were significantly lower in patients with pulmonary emboli (p less than 0.02). Patients were given six weeks anticoagulant therapy and the measurements repeated three… CONTINUE READING

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