The transcriptional programme of antibody class switching involves the repressor Bach2

  title={The transcriptional programme of antibody class switching involves the repressor Bach2},
  author={Akihiko Muto and Satoshi Tashiro and Osamu Nakajima and Hideto Hoshino and Satoru Takahashi and Eiichirou Sakoda and Dai Ikebe and Masayuki Yamamoto and Kazuhiko Igarashi},
Activated B cells differentiate to plasma cells to secrete IgM or, after undergoing class switch recombination (CSR), to secrete other classes of immunoglobulins. Diversification of antibody function by CSR is important for humoral immunity. However, it remains unclear how the decision for the bifurcation is made. Bach2 is a B-cell-specific transcription repressor interacting with the small Maf proteins whose expression is high only before the plasma cell stage. Here we show that Bach2 is… CONTINUE READING


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