The transcriptional code of human IFN-beta gene expression.

  title={The transcriptional code of human IFN-beta gene expression.},
  author={Ethan Ford and Dimitris Thanos},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1799 3-4},
Activation of interferon-beta transcription is a highly ordered process beginning with the delivery of NF-kappaB to the IFN-beta enhancer through a process involving stochastic interchromosomal interactions between the IFN-beta enhancer and specialized Alu elements. NF-kappaB delivery is followed by the binding of ATF-2/c-Jun and IRF proteins in a highly cooperative fashion. The assembled "enhanceosome" then recruits PCAF/GCN5 which acetylates the histone tails of the adjacent nucleosomes. The… CONTINUE READING


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