The toxic peptides from Amanita mushrooms.

  title={The toxic peptides from Amanita mushrooms.},
  author={Th. Wieland},
  journal={International journal of peptide and protein research},
  volume={22 3},
  • Th. Wieland
  • Published 1983 in
    International journal of peptide and protein…
The results of 50 years of effort in the chemistry of Amanita toxins are reviewed. The phallotoxins, fast acting components, but not responsible for fatal intoxications after ingestion, are bicyclic heptapeptides. They combine with F-actin, stabilizing this protein against several destabilizing influences. The virotoxins likewise fast acting are monocyclic heptapeptides. The amatoxins which are the real toxins lead to death within several days by inhibiting the enzymatic synthesis of m-RNA… CONTINUE READING

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