The topological drawing of a graph: Construction methods

  title={The topological drawing of a graph: Construction methods},
  author={S. V. Kurapov and A. V. Tolok},
  journal={Automation and Remote Control},
  • S. Kurapov, A. Tolok
  • Published 1 September 2013
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Automation and Remote Control
This paper considers construction algorithms for the topological 2-D drawing of a graph. These algorithms allow to store, describe and modify the existing information on the drawing of a graph. Finally, we introduce necessary notions and structures to solve the problem of the topological 2-D drawing of a graph. 
Construction of a Topological Drawing of the Most Planar Subgraph of the Non-planar Graph
An algorithm was presented to construct a flat drawing of the non-planar graph using a set of isometric cycles of the graph, which allows one to reduce the solution to the discrete optimization methods.
Generating a topological drawing of the flat part of a nonplanar graph
The article proposed a method for constructing a topological drawing of the planar part of a non-planar graph using the methods of structure numbers algebra, based on the set of graph isometric cycles that allows application of discrete optimization methods.


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