The top-cited wetland articles in science citation index expanded: characteristics and hotspots

  title={The top-cited wetland articles in science citation index expanded: characteristics and hotspots},
  author={J Ma and Hui-Zhen Fu and Y. S. Ho},
  journal={Environmental Earth Sciences},
The characteristics of wetland research were investigated by a bibliometric analysis of the top-cited wetland-related articles since 1899 based on the Science Citation Index Expanded database. The analyzed aspects included the distribution of journals, and publications by country, institution, and author, with five indicators including total articles, and independent, collaborative, first-author, and corresponding-author articles. Results showed that 188 articles on wetlands have been cited at… 
Highly cited Antarctic articles using Science Citation Index Expanded: a bibliometric analysis
The comprehensive analysis of keywords revealed that sea ice, Southern Ocean, climate change, and ozone depletion were recent focuses and would receive more citations in the near future.
Highly Cited Articles in Science Citation Index Expanded – Subject Category of Horticulture: A Bibliometric Analysis
The citation life cycles of thehighly cited articles indicate that majority of the highly cited articles had received less citation in their publication decade, later started to receive good number of citations.
Highly cited articles in wind tunnel-related research: a bibliometric analysis
It was revealed that classic works of wind tunnel research was frequently occurred in 1990s but much less in 2000s, probably due to the development of numerical models of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) in recent decades.
Wetlands of the South American Pacific Coast: A Bibliometric Approach
Wetlands are ecosystems susceptible to anthropogenic impacts; analysis of the scientific publications on these ecosystems can be used as a reference for the adopting of measures to facilitate
Comparison of environmental laws publications in Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Science Index: a bibliometric analysis
“China” is a key issue in research in both natural science and social science field, which indicates the rapid development of environmental law research in China as well as the growing concerns of China’s environmental law issues.
Bibliometrics of highly cited articles in the research field of volatile organic compounds
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have caused global concerns due to their toxicity and chemical reactivity in photochemical air pollution. Scientific research on the VOCs has been increasing during
How To Make Biodiversity Articles Highly Cited?
This paper provides a receipt to Indonesian researchers in creating articles that are potential to be highly cited articles and identifies and compares the characteristics of Indonesian biodiversity papers to Malaysia and Philippines.


The most frequently cited adsorption research articles in the Science Citation Index (Expanded).
High-impact papers presented in the subject category of water resources in the essential science indicators database of the institute for scientific information
Analysis of trends and characteristics of papers in the subject category of water resources in the ESI database of the Institute for Scientific Information showed that the USA and UK were the two leading nations and the University of Arizona was the most productive institute.
Bibliometric analysis of tsunami research
The tsunami publication patterns in the first 8 months after the Indonesia tsunami occurred on 26 December 2004 indicated a high percentage of non-article publications and more documents being published in journals with higher impact factors.
Citation analysis and journal impact factors – is the tail wagging the dog?
  • S. Gisvold
  • Education
    Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica
  • 1999
There has been a marked tendency to use the journal impact factors indiscriminately as the one and only measure of research quality during the last years, and readers, scientists and academic leaders should know better.
The top 100 cited articles in urology.
Observational studies and randomized controlled trials in oncology published in high-impact urological or medical journals constitute the most common type of highly cited publications.
Citation classics in clinical dermatologic journals. Citation analysis, biomedical journals, and landmark articles, 1945-1990.
The half-life of the average citation classic of about 10 years reflects the rapid pace of advances in the science and practice of dermatology over the past several decades and may assist physicians in optimizing the time they spend reading the medical literature.
100 citation classics from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
The 100 most-cited JAMA articles were identified using the 1955 through 1983 Science Citation Index of the Institute for Scientific Information, and the editorial committee used a combination of peer review and citation frequency to select 51 articles.