The top-cited research works in the Science Citation Index Expanded

  title={The top-cited research works in the Science Citation Index Expanded},
  author={Y. S. Ho},
  • Y. Ho
  • Published 1 March 2013
  • Education
  • Scientometrics
This study aimed to identify and analyze the characteristics of the top-cited articles published in the Science Citation Index Expanded from 1991 to 2010. Articles that have been cited more than 1,000 times since publication to 2010 were assessed regarding their distribution in indexed journals and categories of the Web of Science. Five bibliometric indicators were used to evaluate source institutions and countries. A new indicator, the Y-index, is proposed to assess publication quantity and… 
Bibliometric profile of top-cited single-author articles in the Science Citation Index Expanded
Highly cited articles in the Information Science and Library Science category in Social Science Citation Index: A bibliometric analysis
Harvard University in the United States was the most productive institution, ranked number one in the total number of highly cited articles, while the University of Maryland in the USA had the highest publication performance of first and corresponding author articles.
Classic articles in Psychology in the Science Citation Index Expanded: A bibliometric analysis.
The results for the top 10 articles indicate that practical and methodological papers now receive more citations than the more theoretical papers usually found in earlier surveys.
A Bibliometric Analysis of Highly Cited Papers from India in Science Citation Index Expanded
It was revealed that all the highly cited papers from India did not receive citations in the early years after publication, and USA was the preferred collaborative partner for international collaboration.
Classic articles on social work field in Social Science Citation Index: a bibliometric analysis
  • Y. Ho
  • Psychology
  • 2013
A new indicator, Y-index was successfully applied to evaluate publication characteristics of authors and institutions and showed high percentage of authors had the same numbers of first author and corresponding author status of classic articles in social work field.
Highly cited articles in health care sciences and services field in Science Citation Index Expanded. A bibliometric analysis for 1958 - 2012.
  • Y. HsuY. Ho
  • Medicine
    Methods of information in medicine
  • 2014
The application of quantitative techniques in the analysis of highly cited articles can improve the researchers' understanding of the directions in health care sciences and services field.
Classic papers published by Taiwanese scientists in the science citation index expanded: A bibliometric study
The present study analysed quantitatively the classic papers published by Taiwanese scientists in the Science Citation Index Expanded. Documents that have been cited at least 1,000 times from Web of
A Bibliometric Analysis of Linguistics Publications in the Web of Science
Investigation of the world’s publications in the category of linguistics based on Thomson Reuters’ Social Science Citation Index from 2005-2014 found that while the number of publications dramatically increased, the average number of authors, cited references, and count page in proportion to thenumber of publications per year remained quietly stable.
Highly cited articles in biomass research: A bibliometric analysis


Use of citation per publication as an indicator to evaluate contingent valuation research
The results indicate that with the increase article output per year, the CPP decreased slightly since 1997, and the USA produced 55% of all pertinent articles, while Institutes from the UK had a higher PPI.
Research articles published in water resources journals: A bibliometric analysis
This study was designed to evaluate the global scientific output in the ISI subject category of “water resources” for the past 16 years. Data were based on the online version of the Science Citation
Citation classics in occupational medicine journals.
According to the level of citations, the influence of literature published in occupational medicine journals remains limited, and Scandinavia and the United States have taken the leadership in the publication of citation classic papers.
High-impact papers presented in the subject category of water resources in the essential science indicators database of the institute for scientific information
Analysis of trends and characteristics of papers in the subject category of water resources in the ESI database of the Institute for Scientific Information showed that the USA and UK were the two leading nations and the University of Arizona was the most productive institute.
Citation Classics in Anesthetic Journals
The characteristics of the top 100 most frequently cited articles published in anesthetic journals are identified and analysis of citation rates allows for the recognition of seminal advances in anesthesia and gives a historic perspective on the scientific progress of this specialty.
One Hundred Citation Classics in General Surgical Journals
AbstractThe number of times an article is cited in scientific journals reflects its impact on a specific biomedical field or specialty and reflects the impact of the authors’ creativity. Our
The most commonly cited articles in pediatric surgical journals.
The gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, urology and oncology were the leading topics and diaphragmatic hernia was the most common special topic in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.
Japanese lung cancer research trends and performance in Science Citation Index.
Keyword analysis indicated that there has been a strategy to connect molecular biology with clinical practice in Japan and highlights the topics in lung cancer research that are becoming popular in Japan.
A bibliometric analysis of solid waste research during the period 1993-2008.