The timing and spatiotemporal patterning of Neanderthal disappearance

  title={The timing and spatiotemporal patterning of Neanderthal disappearance},
  author={T. Higham and K. Douka and R. Wood and C. B. Ramsey and F. Brock and L. Basell and M. Camps and A. Arrizabalaga and J. Baena and C. Barroso-Ru{\'i}z and C. Bergman and Coralie Boitard and P. Boscato and Miguel Caparr{\'o}s and N. Conard and Christelle Draily and A. Froment and Bertila Galv{\'a}n and P. Gambassini and A. Garc{\'i}a-Moreno and S. Grimaldi and P. Haesaerts and B. Holt and Mar{\'i}a-Jos{\'e} Iriarte-Chiapusso and Arthur J. Jelinek and J. Pardo and Jos{\'e}-Manuel Ma{\'i}llo-Fern{\'a}ndez and Anat Marom and J. Maroto and M. Men{\'e}ndez and L. Metz and Eug{\`e}ne Morin and A. Moroni and F. Negrino and E. Panagopoulou and M. Peresani and S. Pirson and M. Rasilla and J. Riel-Salvatore and Anna Maria Ronchitelli and D. Santamar{\'i}a and P. Semal and Ludovic Slimak and J. Soler and N. Soler and A. Villaluenga and R. Pinhasi and R. Jacobi},
  • T. Higham, K. Douka, +45 authors R. Jacobi
  • Published 2014
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Nature
  • The timing of Neanderthal disappearance and the extent to which they overlapped with the earliest incoming anatomically modern humans (AMHs) in Eurasia are key questions in palaeoanthropology. Determining the spatiotemporal relationship between the two populations is crucial if we are to understand the processes, timing and reasons leading to the disappearance of Neanderthals and the likelihood of cultural and genetic exchange. Serious technical challenges, however, have hindered reliable… CONTINUE READING
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