The three-dimensional structure of an enzyme molecule.

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The active site of hen egg-white lysozyme: flexibility and chemical bonding

Chemical bonding at the active site of lysozyme is analyzed on the basis of a multipole model employing transferable multipole parameters from a database. Large B factors at low temperatures reflect

Structural Studies of the Bacteriophage Lambda Lysozyme Complexed with a Chitohexasaccharide

Lysozyme from the bacteriophage lambda, laL, complexed with a chitohexasaccharide has been solved to 2.6 Aby molecular replacement using a mutant form of laL as a model. The protein packs as a dimer

Effect of nutritional interventions with quercetin, oat hulls, β-glucans, lysozyme and fish oil on performance and health status related parameters of broilers chickens

It was concluded that the tested nutritional interventions only marginally effected health status related parameters and the genes differently expressed between dietary interventions did not seem to be directly involved in immune related processes.

Accurate modeling of protein conformation by automatic segment matching.

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Multiscale Spectral Analysis on Lysozyme Aqueous Solutions in the Presence of PolyEthyleneGlycol

Infrared spectroscopy measurements were performed on Lysozyme aqueous solutions also in the presence of PolyEthylene Glycol (PEG 400) as a function of an increasing temperature from T = 27 °C to 90

Protein Folding: Enigma and Solution

Protein folding is a process that converts the unfolded, disordered protein chain into a chain having a definite, unique three-dimensional structure.

N-Terminal Lysozyme Conjugation to a Cationic Polymer Enhances Antimicrobial Activity and Overcomes Antimicrobial Resistance.

In a rat periodontitis model, the lysozyme-polymer conjugate not only greatly outperforms ly sozyme in therapeutic efficacy but also is superior to minocycline hydrochloride, which is the gold standard forperiodontitis therapy.

Protein folding problem: enigma, paradox, solution

This review discusses the key ideas and discoveries leading to the current understanding of protein folding kinetics, including folding landscapes and funnels, free energy barriers at the folding/unfolding pathways, and the solution of Levinthal’s paradox.