The third KV62 radar scan: Searching for hidden chambers adjacent to Tutankhamun's tomb

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Integrated Geophysics and Geomatics Surveys in the Valley of the Kings
The integration of 2D/3D mapping data concerning visible elements and hypothetical anomalies, together with the recovering in the same global reference system of underground documentation pertaining to the Theban Mapping Project, prefigure the enhancement of multi-temporal site representation.
Localization of deep voids through geophysical signatures of secondary dewatering features
Discrete deep targets are a significant challenge for most surface-based geophysical techniques, even when considering high property contrasts. In general, surface-based geophysical methods lose
Towards the Definition of a Low-Cost Toolbox for Qualitative Inspection of Painted Historical Vaults by Means of Modified DSLR Cameras, Open Source Programs and Signal Processing Techniques
Processed images were able to highlight features on vault paintings revealing details of the surface or its very shallow layers which were impossible or very difficult to distinguish in raw data.
Is this Nefertiti’s tomb? Radar clues reignite debate over hidden chambers
A new survey hints at a previously unknown space beyond Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, which is thought to be beyond the chamber where he was buried.


GPR Remote Sensing in Archaeology
GPR Remote Sensing in Archaeology provides a complete description of the processes needed to take raw GPR data all the way to the construction of subsurface images. The book provides an introduction
Ground Penetrating Radar
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a nondestructive measurement technique, which uses electromagnetic waves to locate targets or interfaces buried within a visually opaque substance or Earth material.
Measurement system of complex permittivity of ornamental rocks in L frequency band
A new measurement system is presented, which by exploiting a resonance phenomenon, yields accurate values of permittivity and resistivity also in the case of low-loss materials.
Examination of the wall paintings in Tutankhamen's Tomb: Inconsistencies in original technology
Abstract The collaboration between Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) to conserve the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings provided an
Pharaonic necrostratigraphy: a review of geological and archaeological studies in the Theban Necropolis, Luxor, West Bank, Egypt
We present a review of archaeological and geological studies on the West Bank as a basis for discussing the geological setting of the tombs and geologically related problems with a view to providing
Developing approaches for conserving painted plasters in the royal tombs of the Valley of the Queens
The Theban Necropolis on the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt preserves one of the world’s richest repositories of ancient painted tombs, including those in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the
Discovery of the century?
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