The theory of probability

  title={The theory of probability},
  author={Andrei N. Kolmogorov and S. Natarajan},
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“Free won’t” after a beer or two: chronic and acute effects of alcohol on neural and behavioral indices of intentional inhibition
Both past-year increases in risky alcohol consumption and moderate acute alcohol use have limited effects on stimulus-driven inhibition and intentional inhibition, suggest these findings cannot be generalized to alcohol use disorder and high intoxication levels.
Probability, Information and Statistical Physics
The purpose of this terse overview is to discuss and partially describe those probabilistic methods and approaches that are used in statistical mechanics with the purpose of making these ideas easier to understanding and to apply.
Kolmogorov on the role of randomness in probability theory
The role of randomness is highlighted in Kolmogorov's account, and it is argued that this role differs significantly from the role that randomness plays in von Mises' account.
Random Variables and Distribution Functions
Section 3.1 introduces the formal definitions of random variable and its distribution, illustrated by several examples. The main properties of distribution functions, including a characterisation
Conditional states and independence in D-posets
In this paper a new approach to a conditional probability is studied in more general structure called a D-poset. The authors go into the inner structure of a conditional system which is a crucial
Una nota sobre administración y criptografía. Un caso de complejidad y administración
En este texto, se argumenta a favor de un trabajo entre las ciencias de la complejidad y la administracion, en particular cuando se trata de problemas de informacion y de seguridad. Asi, la
Representation Theorem of Observables on a Quantum System
An orthomodular lattice (OML) with a conditional state can be used as a model for noncompatible events (a quantum system). In this paper we will study some properties of a conditional state and an
Harmonisation in Forensic Expertise: An inquiry into the desirability of and opportunities for international standards
Met dit onderzoek is aanvankelijk beoogd een inventarisatie van de stand van zaken in landen van de Raad van Europa te geven. In dit boek is een theoretische basis van de mogelijkheid en de