The theory of lattice-ordered groups

  title={The theory of lattice-ordered groups},
  author={V. M. Kopytov and Nikolai Ya. Medvedev},
Preface. Symbol Index. 1. Lattices. 2. Lattice-ordered groups. 3. Convex l-subgroups. 4. Ordered permutation groups. 5. Right-ordered groups. 6. Totally ordedered groups. 7. Embeddings of lattice-ordered groups. 8. Lattice properties in lattice-ordered groups. 9. Varieties of lattice-ordered groups. 10. Free l-groups. 11. The semigroup of l-varieties. 12. The lattice of l-varieties. 13. Ordered permutation groups and l-varieties. 14. Quasivarieties of lattice-ordered groups. Bibliography. Index… CONTINUE READING