The tetrode power transistor

  title={The tetrode power transistor},
  author={Joseph T. Maupin},
  journal={IRE Transactions on Electron Devices},
  • J. Maupin
  • Published 1957
  • Engineering
  • IRE Transactions on Electron Devices
Power transistor circuits are characterized by the fact that the collector current must swing over a wide range of values during any complete cycle of operation. One disadvantage of present-day alloyed junction power transistors is that the current gain decreases with increasing collector current. This causes distortion in linear applications and makes temperature stabilization in switching circuits more difficult. Power transistors having emitter areas large enough to handle currents in the… 
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Power Transistors
  • M. Clark
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The objectives of power transistor design are expressed in general terms which make evident the reason for certain trends in the development. The design theory is discussed in terms of the physical
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