The test pulse line ion accelerator in Lanzhou

  title={The test pulse line ion accelerator in Lanzhou},
  author={Shen Xiao-Kang and Cao Shuchun and Zhang Zimin and Zhao Hongwei and Zhao Quan-Tang and Ming Liu and Jing Yi and Li Zhongping and Wan Ming and Bin Wang and Yang Chun-ming and Xiao Rongqing and Zhang Yingfa and Li Jian},
To accelerate intense, short pulsed heavy ion beams to the energies of interest for studies of high energy density physics and warm dense matter, the Pulse Line Ion Accelerator (PLIA), of which the axial acceleration gradient can achieve several MeV per meter with realistic helix parameters at very low cost, was developed in recent years. A simple prototype of PLIA for a proof-of-principle experiment called the Lanzhou Test PLIA was designed and constructed at the Institute of Modern Physics in… CONTINUE READING


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