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The tenuous relationship between salary and satisfaction

  title={The tenuous relationship between salary and satisfaction},
  author={Laurie Young and Morgan Milner and Dave Edmunds and Germaine Pentsil and Michael J. Broman},
Inspired by outcome discrepancies in research related to job characteristics, employee characteristics, and satisfaction, this study revisits classic notions of satisfaction of employees within organizations. Using a sample of professionals, the study explores organizational and individual antecedents to satisfaction. Characteristics of the job, perceived psychological states, emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction are explored. Evidence is presented that both confirms… 
Employee Characteristics and Job Satisfaction
The effect of employee characteristics on job satisfaction is an area that has been given consideration by scholars without an agreement. It is becoming undoubted that this relationship varies from
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A Confirmatory Analysis of Pay Satisfaction Dimensions in Banking Industry
  • N. ., K. Kumari
  • Business, Economics
    Ramanujan International Journal of Business and Research
  • 2019
Pay satisfaction as a multidimensional construct has significant importance for employees. It is also beneficial for the organization to understand employees' overall pay satisfaction. The way bank
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This study applied the theoretical framework based on expectancy and discrepancy theories to examine how the elements of total compensation might influence work motivation and job satisfaction. The
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Much of the history of management and motivation theory is rooted in the desire to understand the factors that contribute to having a satisfied workforce. Job satisfaction is the most widely studied
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A qualitative and quantitative review of the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance is provided and an agenda for future research on the satisfaction-performance relationship is provided.
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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and job satisfaction, by taking into consideration organizational learning capability
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Predictors of work family conflict and different types of satisfaction were investigated among 177 married, employed MBA and public administration students. Job involvement was signifitcantly related
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Using longitudinal data from a sample of recent college graduates, we examined the effects of ability (general mental ability and emotional intelligence) and personality (Big Five and proactive
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The mediating effect of positive affectivity on work motivation by three attitudinal variables (perception of pay equity, pay satisfaction, and job satisfaction) was investigated in this study. The